Setting the Gender Agenda for Communication Policy


This publication presents a critical review of gender equality in today’s media landscape. The papers reflect the diversity of voices within GAMAG, with contributors from organisations in the global south and north that lead the debates on the international stage.



Section I. Media Policy, Structures and Employment
1. The Challenge of Mainstreaming Gender Through Media and ICT Policy and Regulation
2. Gender Equality, Policy and Media Structures
3. A Hard Ladder to Climb: Women and Power in Media Industries
4. Women in Community and Indigenous Media

Section II. Media Content and Violence Against Women
5. Addressing Gender Issues in Media Content
6. Violence Against Women in Media and Digital Contents
7. Violence Against Women Journalists – Online and Offline
8. Triple Jeopardy: A Trade Union Perspective on Gender-Based Violence against Women Journalists

Section III. Digital Media Sphere
9. A Feminist Perspective on Gender, Media and Communication Rights in Digital Times

Section IV. Media Education
10. Gender Mainstreaming in Media and Journalism Curricula

Case Studies
Case 1. The Broadcast Media Regulators: Gender Equality Drivers
Case 2. African Union of Broadcasting: Gender Integration in African media
Case 3. Sustaining Women-Led Community Media in the Pacific region; the femLINKpacific Experience