About us

The Global Alliance on Media and Gender (GAMAG) is a worldwide, multi-stakeholder network of individuals and organizations working together to increase gender equality in and through the media and ICTs.

GAMAG emerged through an enduring, global movement – led by women’s media activism, scholarship and professional practice – which has generated a wide-ranging critique of issues related to gender imbalance and inequality in media employment and media content. The overriding concern is that inadequate participation and skewed representation influence public perceptions of gender roles and women’s abilities, both within and across societies.

The Alliance was launched by UNESCO and more than 500 organizations at the first Global Forum on Gender and Media in Bangkok, Thailand, from 2 to 4 December 2013.


GAMAG embraces and upholds the following values as intrinsic to its pursuit of gender equality in and through the media: freedom of expression, the right to information, pluralism and diversity, and the human and communication rights of all, irrespective of gender.


GAMAG works to achieve gender equality in and through the media and ICTs in all formats and locations and across different forms of ownership.