Call for Nominations for Research and Policy Chair

Nominations and self-nominations are invited for a chair for the GAMAG Research and Policy Committee. That committee has had two acting (interim) chairs since GAMAG’s formation in 2016 (first Aimee Vega Montiel, and presently Carolyn Byerly).

As outlined in the GAMAG Constitution, the Research and Policy Committee is one of four Thematic Committees in GAMAG. The chair of these committees are to be selected from the committee’s membership. The chair (1) serves as the Committee’s representative on the GAMAG International Steering Committee, (2) maintains a current Plan of Activities which includes a description of priority projects, and holds quarterly meetings, among other activities that may be undertaken.

Nomination process: Nominations/self-nominations should be 250-400 words. They should outline the leadership skills of the person being nominated, and that person’s vision for the work of the committee. Submit nominations to acting chair Carolyn Byerly ( by May 1, 2019. Nominations will be compiled and shared among RPC members during May. As prescribed by the GAMAG Constitution, the formal vote for the chair will occur at the GAMAG General Assembly, to be held in Madrid, Spain, in early July 2019. The exact date and time of that meeting will be announced in spring 2019.